Discover the top microcar models that are perfect for navigating through crowded city streets. Get the best fuel efficiency and compact design for your urban adventures.
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Original 50+ year old lower motor mount still attached. I think it's safe to say it's time change these to some new motor mounts. The original upper and lower motor mounts removed. When I first purchased my Isetta's, I made a mistake that probably many newbie Isetta owners have made. I purchased some parts from a dealer on ebay who goes by the name of "Italian Metals". Well, here's my little Italian Metals story. I purchased a set of motor mounts from him on ebay which I received with no…

Miguel Angel Gomez Garcia
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(Shouts to FastLaneDaily for being one of the few to have video coverage on the T.25) There was a time when I thought the Smart car had reached the pinnacle of pintsizemanship as far as cars go. “This is it! I can’t imagine anything smaller ever being put into production.” As of right now, I …


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