Microwave cabbage recipe

Discover mouthwatering microwave cabbage recipes that are perfect for quick and easy meals. Try out these flavorful dishes and enjoy a healthy and convenient cooking experience.
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Being a gal of Eastern European decent, I'm kind of a connoisseur of cabbage. While cabbage eating isn't limited to Eastern European cuisine, it is indeed associated primarily with it. In my family alone, from hot side-dishes like butter-braised cabbage and carrots and cabbage and egg noodles, to cold side-salads like creamy cole slaw and vinegary pepper slaw, to main-dish ham, cabbage and potato soup and stuffed cabbage rolls, I do not believe my mother's refrigerator was ever without a…

Carol Steele
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Fried cabbage and noodles, the best rendition of the Eastern European classic recipe featuring caramelized onions and green cabbage, an old world recipe not to be missed! It's the perfect busy weeknight meal made with simple ingredients, budget friendly, easy to make comfort food that is out of this world delicious.

Maggi Welliver
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Discover how tasty and versatile cabbage can be with these delicious easy cabbage recipes. Whether you're looking for something vegetarian, a tasty cabbage stir-fry or even cabbage soup - you will love this collection of healthy lunch and dinner recipes with cabbage.

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