Military diorama

Immerse yourself in the world of military miniatures with these creative diorama ideas. Bring your favorite battles to life and showcase your passion for military history.
Paul Keefe : ''Tarawa'' Miniature, Military, Military Action Figures, Military Figures, Military Artwork, Military Art, United States Marine Corps, Us Marines, Military History

"Tarawa" a 1/32nd scale vignette. The palm tree is made from scratch. The pillbox is a plaster casting of one I had made the master for Farina Enterprises. For the master I made the sand bags from Super Sculpey clay. ... The figures are reposed and redetailed from Airfix sets. The had grenade was made from styrene. The barbed wire is wire that I barbed. RPM makes the "Woodpecker'' machine gun. It is 1/35th scale. The spent shell casings are made from brass rod. The pillbox interior.