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Discover innovative milk stanchion designs and setups to optimize your dairy farming operations. Improve cow comfort and milk productivity with these top ideas for your farm.
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Here are two photos of our Dexter milking stanchion for reference: From the side . . . ... and from the rear. List of Supplies NOTE: All lumber is pressure-treated Four 8' 4x4s Fifteen 6' 2x6s One 8' 2x6 Four 6' 2x4s Two galvanized bolts with washers and nuts, 6" long Galvanized nails (5+ lbs.) & screws, if desired Circular saw Hammer Power drill Measuring tape T-square Carpenter's pencil Chalk line Pliers Screwdriver Here's a general explanation of the structure of our stanchion: The four…

Charity Faith Roberts
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That's what we've been busy with this weekend. Relatively easy, it's not finished yet, we want to concrete the floor. Ping decided to model it for us: She's quite photogenic don't you think? (Seriously, who thought I'd love goats so much!?) Poor Poppet. She has to be locked up for the night and doesn't enjoy it. Working on a pen for her so she can be separated from mom 24/7. The ducks are getting big.. and beautiful! We have a nice variety. Three Pekins, two Rouens, three Ancona and two…

Colby Mayfield