Minature goats

Discover the cuteness of miniature goats as pets. Learn how to care for them and find the perfect ideas to create a joyful and playful environment for these adorable creatures.
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Miniature Goats are members of the Caprine family. They are ruminants which means they are cud-chewing animals. Ruminants have four-chambered stomachs. The language of goats is called “bleating”. Male goats are called billies or bucks. Female goats are called nannies or does. Baby goats are called kids. It takes a female goat five

Maxine Bennefield
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The best of things come in small packages! Miniature farm animals are the perfect example of this. Most are cute, cuddly and full of personality. Many hobby farms welcome smaller varieties of donkeys, cows, and goats because they’re easier to handle and care for. You might not of realized some of these even existed! Different […]

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