Mint tin survival kit

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Altoids have been freshening bad breath since the turn of the 19th century. But while they are touted as “Curiously Strong Mints,” perhaps the real curiosity is not the allure of the mints themselves, but the popularity of turning the tin in which they’re packaged into all sorts of truly

fire kit - nother use for those Altoid tins Backpacking, Survival Skills, Emergency Preparation, Diy, Camping, Campfires, Fire Starters, Foraging, Survival

I've put together some Fire Making kits for our 72 hour kits. When it gets a bit warmer, we will take our kits outside and practice making fires. For this kit, I used empty Trader Joe's Green Tea Mints tins since I had an overabundance of them. Altoid tins work great too and most people use those, some prefer the tiny ones since they are more compact. This tin is under 1/2 size of the regular Altoid sized tins to give you an idea of size. Items from left: TJ Green Tea Mints tin, nature…

Karyn Jeanne Alley