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The Best Tools and Canvases for Mixed Media Painting

Mixed media painting offers a widely flexible art system that can incorporate one or many of your artistic passions, from drawing and painting, to collage and composition. The best way to begin a mixed media artwork is to gather your resources and materials. Since there are so many options when it comes to resources an

Ameedah Mawalin
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"Helium" is the new mixed media painting by Roberta Foffo

Originale per decorare muri e arredare pareti di stanze o loft. stile contemporaneo, urban, street style, pop art. colori luminosi e solidi e contrasto elevato. ritratto originale tecnica mista e olio. arte motivazionale. Il quadro adatto da regalare per dare colore ad uno spazio della casa o l'angolo di un ufficio. Poster di alta qualità realizzati su carta opaca e spessa. Aggiungi un tocco di fantasia alla tua stanza e al tuo ufficio con questi poster pensati per illuminare qualsiasi…

Morgan Rennie
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Mixed Media Collage-EXCAVATIONS

Finally.. gentle readers... all the work has reached the Gallerie and I have it loaded in the shop 142 Bis Gallerie for pre sale.. I chose to call the show EXCAVATIONS because I noticed that I had been doing a lot of collage in my art journals.. layering the torn pieces, chewing on relationship issues and stressful events... metaphorically digging by ripping and tearing.. to find out what was really at the crux of the matters.. As If, Mixed Media Collage, 5 x 7 Caterina Giglio I used mono…

Heather Hafer
Mixed Media Artist Hollie Chastain Rewrites The Narrative of Found Books, Magazines & Photographs - Design & Paper Collage Art Projects, Paper Collage Art, Paper Weaving, Kunst Inspiration, Collage Art Mixed Media, School Art Projects, Weaving Art, Mixed Media Artists, Woven Paper

Mixed Media Artist Hollie Chastain Rewrites The Narrative of Found Books, Magazines & Photographs - Design & Paper

Paper artist and illustrator Hollie Chastain from Chattanooga, Tennessee, has both a graphic design and studio art background, which has led her to run her own art studio where she produces mixed media artworks for both personal and commercial projects. Additionally, she teaches workshops across the US and published her first book, If You Can Cut You Can Collage, in 2017. “Collage is a wonderful creative outlet, particularly for people who want to make art, but don’t feel they have […]

Harriet Wheatley