Mochi recipe microwave

Learn how to make mouthwatering mochi right in your microwave. Follow this simple recipe to enjoy this traditional Japanese treat in no time.
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Daifuku mochi is a beloved Japanese treat that infuses sweetness into the incredible texture of the glutinous rice. Modern technology opened the door to easier ways of making this delicious Asian treat. This microwave variation is fast and easy with room to customise the amount, filling, and colouring.

jean yen
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These mango mochi are inspirired by my love for mochi and glutinous rice-based desserts growing up in the Philippines. We have a variety of mochi flavours in the Philippines ranging from ube (purple yam), pandan, banana, and of course mango.These are vegan and gluten-free by default and made in a microwave using a simple mix of glutinous rice flour, fresh Philippine mangoes, sugar, water, and a pinch of salt. These mochi are filled with ripe mangoes for a juicy and chewy bite.

Judith Bos-van den Berg