Moon lessons

Explore the wonders of the moon with our engaging moon lessons. From lunar phases to moon exploration, learn and be inspired by the mysteries of the moon.
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We have learning about the things that light up our night sky. Yesterday we learned about the moon. We also made a book about the different phases of the moon. Today we read books about the stars and learned lots of interesting facts. We made a book about constellations and wrote some of the facts we learned about stars. Then during center time we made a shooting star art project.

Michele Mattison
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This moon phase board was fairly easy to make. After making a run to the Dollar Tree and rummaging through our science storeroom to collect the needed supplies to make this, it was pretty inexpensive and so worth every penny! Essentially, this Moon Phase board allows students to visualize and better understand the cause of moon phases and comprehend the 2 different views that are often given on a diagram (view from space and view from the Earth). Up to this point, I've done a Lunar Lollipop…

Shelley McDade