Moss instead of grass yards

Create a unique and low-maintenance yard by using moss instead of grass. Explore top ideas to transform your outdoor space into a lush and eco-friendly oasis.
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The Zoysia grasses, including this one and Z.japonica(Japanese lawn grass)and Z. matrella (Manila grass) are becoming more well known for use as ground cover and as lawn. They are a lush velvety green ,hard wearing and able to cope with drought as well as having lower fertilizer and mowing requirements compared to other turf grasses. Zoysia tenuifolia which is also given the common names "Mascarene grass" or "Temple grass"is mainly used as a ground cover because it tends to grow in an…

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It’s no secret that our planet is not in the healthiest state. Global temperatures are rising, weather disasters are increasing, more and more species are in danger of extinction, yet big corporations seem to only care about profits. We participate in “Meatless Mondays”, swear off plastic straws and cut down on car usage, but as individuals, our efforts to save the planet can often feel futile.

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Dealing with muddy areas in your yard can be frustrating, especially after heavy rains or in regions with high soil moisture content. Not only can mud make your outdoor space unappealing, but it can also create a messy and slippery

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Looking for a sustainable alternative to turf grass? Consider converting to a moss lawn. The no-mow ground cover requires no fertilization and little irrigation beyond annual rainfall. Here, several gardening experts explain how to grow and care for a moss lawn.

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