Moss lawn

Transform your outdoor space into a lush and green oasis with a stunning moss lawn. Discover top ideas to create a low-maintenance and eco-friendly lawn that will enhance the beauty of your home.
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How To Use Live Sheet Moss Indoors and Outdoors

Live sheet moss is a versatile and attractive botanical element that can breathe life into various indoor and outdoor applications. With its unique texture, vibrant colors, and natural appeal, live sheet moss is a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to your botanical projects. This article will delve into the many uses of live sheet moss [...]

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Moss Lawn Pros And Cons

These days, having a lawn is a key part of most yards. People work hard to keep their lawns looking great. Usually, they use grass, which comes with many benefits. However, grass isn't perfect and has some downsides. Recently, using moss for lawns has become a trend. Is moss a good substitute for grass? What ...

Kelly Boggus
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Grass Alternatives: Why & How to Replace Your Lawn

Grass alternatives can save you time and money while protecting the planet. Find out why you might want to consider some of these alternatives to a traditional grass lawn. How much time have you spent

Sarah Bell
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The Truth About Moss | Dispelling Moss Myths

There are many moss myths going around, and we often get questions about moss myths that we like to clear up. The first one will be the ‘moss buttermilk myth’. After that, we explain on which side of a tree moss grows, followed by the question if moss causes allergies and if ticks like moss. [...]

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