Native american fashion

Explore the world of Native American fashion and embrace a unique style that celebrates tradition and individuality. Discover top ideas to incorporate Native American elements into your wardrobe and make a fashion statement.
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As cooler weather rolls in and foliage bursts into bold, autumn colors, we welcome luxurious furs, moody denim blues, fun flowing fringe, and pops of brightly colored blankets. Flaunting versatility within Western style for cold weather seasons, these elements keep the chill at bay but the fashion fierce. Whether your style slides into Modern Luxe Ranch, Cowboy Blues, Evolution of the Blanket, Falling for Fringe, or Objects of Desire, discover looks that are bound to turn heads with their…

Melanee Valentine
Eighth Generation

Eighth Generation is a Native-owned business with a flagship store a Pike Place Market in Seattle. Eighth Generation specializes in wool blankets. Eighth Generation was founded by artist, activist and educator Louie Gong.

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