Natural horsemanship

Discover the principles of natural horsemanship and develop a deeper connection with your horse. Learn effective training techniques and build trust for a harmonious partnership.
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I was that weird girl in high school obsessed with horses. I was also that weird girl in the horse community that practiced natural horsemanship. It's hard to understand if you aren't into horses yourself, but the best comparison I can give you is how someone who walks on Wall Street (the 'tradition...

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6 things horses value and how to give them 1. Safety and Trust When a horse is afraid, they value safety. They seek an environment where all the pressures come off, allowing space to do what naturally comes next - eating and play. It’s difficult to offer safety as a reward for behavior but it does work as a prerequisit

Mastery Horsemanship
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10 Tips for better Horsemanship: If your horse is spooky, it is OK to get off the horse and address the spooky obstacle. It is safer to deal with it on the ground than under saddle. Be light with your hands. We spend a lifetime in riding learning not to pull on the reins. Learn how to use an open rein and indirect or neck rein The more you do transitions, the more you stretch and strengthen the longitudinal muscles and the hind leg joints. Always reward your horse with a pat, soft voice or…

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