Natural rubber

Discover the benefits and versatile uses of natural rubber. From eco-friendly products to industrial applications, explore the endless possibilities of this sustainable material.
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A simple swap to regular plastic sponges these biodegradable reusable kitchen scourers are perfect for scrubbing away hard grease, stains and any food residues. Reach all tricky corners of your plates and pots that rigid loofah scourers can’t get into.

Jade Anne
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Dutch architects Zeinstra van Gelderen architecten have designed this one-man pavilion made entirely of rubber. The Rubber Pavilion is entered though a slit and has a bench in one wall and a window frame, which cannot be seen through, in another. The entire pavilion including the bench and window frame are formed from resin poured into

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Kids climb, and kids fall. Preventing injury is key to a safe and fun outdoor play space. This requires a soft playground flooring surface like rubber matting, rubber tiles, rubber mulch, wood mulch, pea gravel or sand to prevent injury and add some visual style to your outdoor play space.