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Discover the rich literary masterpiece of Noli Me Tangere. Dive into the captivating story that delves into the issues of colonialism in the Philippines. Experience the profound impact of this classic novel on Filipino literature and culture.
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Capitan Tiago was an influential businessman in San Diego and the father of Maria Clara. Betrothing his daughter to Crisostomo Ibarra, Capitan Tiago struggled to obey the will of the friars. Tiago was born the only son of a sugar miller in Malabon. Despite being well-off, his father refused to pay for his schooling, leading Tiago to be taken in and sent to school by a Dominican. Around this time, he unsuccessfully courted Doña Victorina. After both his father and the Dominican died, Tiago…

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Padre Damaso was the former town curate of San Diego and the real father of Maria Clara. Opposing his daughter's marriage to Crisostomo Ibarra, the man made efforts to drive the two apart for Maria Clara's sake. Padre Damaso became a Franciscan priest in the Philippines sometime in 1858, serving for three years at a small town. As he left, and the natives gave tribute to him as a goodbye, though he learned that the natives had given an even bigger tribute to his successor when he left…

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"Sir, I am the bearer of the wishes of many unfortunates." ―Elias[src] Elias was a fugitive living in San Diego. Enduring one tragedy after another, he began working to improve society. After his life was saved by Crisostomo Ibarra, he began aiding the young man, saving him on numerous occasions. Elias was born to a rich family in Manila alongside his twin sister, with his father being the son of a prostitute and his mother being the daughter of a rich man. Told that their father was dead…

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Basilio was a young boy living in San Diego and the older brother of Crispin. Following his mother's death and his brother's disappearance, Basilio fled the town and was taken in by Capitan Tiago. Living in Manila, he became a medical student, also joining the student organization attempting to found the Castilian Academy. Basilio was born the son of Sisa in San Diego sometime in 1871. Growing up with his younger brother Crispin, the two eventually became sacristans at the San Diego parish…

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Crispin was a young boy living in San Diego and one of the sacristans of its church alongside his brother Basilio. After being accused of stealing from the church's coffers, Crispin was punished by the head sacristan and Padre Salvi. Born the son of Sisa, Crispin and his brother, Basilio, eventually became sacristans for the San Diego church. In 1881, on All Saints' Day, Crispin and his brother rang the bells in the San Diego church. Having been accused of stealing two gold pieces by the…

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"When he was alive I could degrade myself; I still had the consolation of knowing that he lived and perhaps might think of me. Now that he is dead, I would rather be a nun or be dead myself." ―Maria Clara[src] Maria Clara, full name Maria Clara de los Santos y Alba, was the daughter of Capitan Tiago and the fiancee of Crisostomo Ibarra. Following Ibarra's return to San Diego, Maria Clara faced numerous objections to their betrothal. Maria Clara was born between Padre Damaso and Doña Pia…

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