Non toxic toothpaste

Protect your oral health with the best non toxic toothpaste. Find out how these natural toothpastes can help you maintain a healthy smile and improve your overall well-being.
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I’ve rounded up the 9 best non toxic & natural toothpaste brands that use clean and natural ingredients safe for both kids and adults. There are plenty of fluoride free toothpastes to choose from (or even natural toothpastes with fluoride) – the options are endless. The healthiest, clean and non toxic toothpastes should be free […]

Heather Muncy
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First of all, I do not hate the supermarket whatsoever. Hubby and I have agreed to live on less and live healthily as possible. Which is why we've bought less and less stuff from the supermarket and made our own cleaning products and some foods at home. Today, I'll share with you some personal care

Gretchen McDonald
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To me, toothpaste is one of those things that proves your adulthood. I have always said that one wasn't a true grown-up until they had to buy their own toilet paper and toothpaste. I rarely did either until last year - I would ask for a few tubes from home while packing my suitcases (I only needed 2

Celeste Thompson