Nordic rug

Enhance the style of your home decor with beautiful Nordic rug designs. Explore top ideas to add warmth and elegance to your living space with a Nordic rug.
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This beautiful handwoven wool area rug features a subtle waves pattern in neutral colors, making it a versatile addition to any home decor. But this rug isn't just a beautiful piece of decor - it also has a rich cultural and historical significance. The Beni Mrirt rug is a type of Moroccan rug that has been handcrafted by the Beni Mrirt tribe for generations. Each rug is unique and reflects the weaver's individual style and creativity. The wool used in these rugs is sourced from local sheep…

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Liza Laserow, her husband Fabian Berglund, and his brother, Felix Berglund believe in the credo that there’s a rug at the center of every beautiful Swedish home, and the Scandinavian family of designs recently launched Nordic Knots as a sequel to the modernist heritage of their homeland. The Modern Cut Pile collection makes a specific reference to early 20th–century design.

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