Nuclear winter

Prepare yourself for the harsh realities of nuclear winter. Learn essential tips and strategies to survive and thrive in a world forever changed by nuclear fallout.
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MEANING What is nuclear winter? it is first common question. Nuclear winter is a term that describes the predicted climatic effects of nuclear war. Severely cold weather and reduced sunlight for a period of months or years would be caused by detonating large numbers of nuclear weapons, especially over flammable targets such as cities, where large amounts of smoke and soot would be injected into the Earth's stratosphere. The term has also been applied to one of the after-effects of a comet or…

Jay-lyn Doerksen
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(Photo: unknown)It doesn't have to be a snowman. It can be a mutated snowbeast that will destroy our enemies.Well, it will once I get a grant that can fund one of sufficient size.Yes, I know: and pass the institutional review board's requirements for radiation usage. There's always one more obstacle in the path of mad science.-via Pleated Jeans...

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