Nursery rhyme theme

Create a whimsical and educational environment for your little one with these adorable nursery rhyme theme ideas. Transform your baby's room into a magical space that sparks their imagination and love for learning.
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Hello, lovely parents and teachers of preschoolers! Are you tired of the same old craft activities? Look no further! This article presents you with 10 fun nursery rhyme crafts for preschoolers that will boost their fine motor skills, creativity, and language development. So, let’s grab some glue, paper, and scissors and get started on some ... Read more

Leslee Rubio
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Mother goose nursery rhymes are some of the most popular nursery rhymes of all time. These are rhymes that have been around for years and handed down through the generations. You may not even realise, but you have probably been singing along to the mother goose nursery rhyme lyrics without even knowing it. Here we

Mary Lethbridge
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Do you teach nursery rhymes to your kids? Some people think they are outdated, or really have no value for kids today, but there are lots of great reasons to still expose children to nursery rhymes. The rhyme and repetition make them great first stories for little ones to retell. They help teach how language […]

Ingrid Hamm
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It's time for a Nursery Rhyme theme! Let's pack your lesson plans full of fun, hands-on nursery rhyme activities, and centers that your little learners will love and learn a ton from, too. Learning IS fun when you plan it out (and aren't stressed out!), and I'm here to help. In this post, you will find three activities for each nursery rhyme plus ideas for the writing center, blocks/STEM center, and science center. And yes, I have nursery rhyme activities FREEBIES for you too!

Aimee Meilahn Bainbridge