Nursery shelving

Discover creative and practical nursery shelving ideas to keep your baby's room organized and clutter-free. Find the perfect shelving solution to showcase books, toys, and decor.
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When the mama uses a ‘rainbow of neutrals’ to decorate her baby’s room, we hang on her every word and add every piece of boho decor to our carts ?. We’ve seen neutral nursery ideas before, but this modern neutral nursery does it so, like so, well. Mama and photographer, Kandis Marino, used pops of burnt orange … Continued

Camblin Leonard
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Wondering how best to decorate the baby's room? We are sharing beautiful and practical decorating ideas for the nursery. These nursery ideas will help you create the nursery of your dreams – and make the most of the space. The key to decorating a nursery is incorporate nursery items and materials that bring joy, make for an efficient space, and are comfortable for babies and parents, too. We’ve scoured the Nursery Design Studio archives for the very best decorating ideas for the nursery…

Gwyneth Comben