Off road camper

Get off the beaten path with these off-road camper ideas. Find inspiration for your next adventure and discover the perfect camper that will take you to new and exciting destinations.
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At one point or another, whether it’s relaxing on the beach in Tanzania or stuck at work behind a cubicle, most of us have dreamed of our perfect overland vehicle—the “money is no object” one. However, very few people have the opportunity to actually build it and follow every wish that their heart desires. But...

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What makes Bruce Banner the perfect apocalypse TouRig? Bruce is equip for long range travel without replenishing, featuring a 28gal reserve fuel tank, 40gal of water, 375watts of solar, 600ah of lithium battery, fridge and full size freezer, extra storage, recovery gear, standing shower, and much more. If you’re prepping for a post apocalyptic world, Bruce will be your best friend and strongest ally! DM us today to book an over the phone build consultation. . #apocalypserig #apocalypse…