Okonomiyaki rezept

Learn how to make authentic Okonomiyaki with this easy-to-follow recipe. Impress your friends and family with this savory Japanese pancake dish that will transport your taste buds to Japan.
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I think cabbage (in all of its varieties) is such an under-appreciated vegetable. Also.. you can make SO MUCH with just one head of cabbage. Like you really get a lot for your buck. Anyways!! Here’s an idea for something you can make with that…

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Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savoury pancake. It differs by region and this authentic and mouth-watering recipe is Osaka okonomiyaki which is an Osaka area speciality. This easy Okonomiyaki recipe can also make vegetarian or vegan Japanese pancakes. There is an easy Okonomiyaki sauce recipe is included in the post as well. #Okonomiyaki #Okonomiyakirecipe #OkonomiyakiSauce #OsakaOkonomiyaki #SavouryPancakes Osaka, Healthy Recipes, Japanese Dishes, Pancakes, Okonomiyaki Sauce, Okonomiyaki Recipe, Easy Japanese Recipes, Sushi, Asian Dishes

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savoury pancake. It differs by region and this authentic recipe is the well known and mouth-watering Osaka okonomiyaki. Follow this easy savoury pancake recipe and also make your own okonomiyaki sauce, or simply purchase it from a local store. A healthy meal with simple vegetarian or vegan options.

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I had my first taste of this savory pancake last summer. We were in Tokyo and the boys were keen to sample authentic okonomiyaki. After some research, they decided on Sometaro, a small but renowned okonomiyaki restaurant in Asakusa, a short walk from our hotel. As soon as we entered the premises, we

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Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き) is another Japanese street food, like Yakisoba (Japanese Stir Fried Noodles) which I posted few weeks ago. The batter with loads of shredded cabbage is pan fried with egg, sliced meat, bonito flakes on top. Drizzle sweet Worcestershire sauce, mayonnaise and sprinkle aonori (青のり, green seaweed flakes), benishoga (紅しょが, red pickled ginger) and katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes) over it to make it a complete okonomiyaki. The recipe is to make one pancake at a time but you can…

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