Old bathrooms

Give your old bathrooms a fresh new look with these creative ideas. Discover how to update your space and create a stylish and functional bathroom that you'll love.
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Although they originally thought about combining the two baths into a single much larger one, budget considerations prevailed, and they decided instead to keep the bathrooms separate and make the most of each. Here you see ‘before’ pictures of bathroom #2 — if you missed the first one, you can witness its transformation here.

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Some “before” spaces just need a little bit of a spiff-up to look their best. This is not one of those spaces.The bathroom in Anne Notdstrand’s 1980s home was “so grungy looking you didn’t want to step foot in the door,” she says, with a stained vanity, holes in the wall, crumbling grout, and a “tub and toilet looked like they had never been cleaned.

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