Old shows

Take a trip down memory lane with these top old shows. Find your favorites and relive the magic of timeless television.
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Why small success? Because that’s the only kind I know! Even the big ones come in small steps. Here’s my paltry offering for the week. Thank-You Notes Done. I facilitated the kids getting their Christmas thank-you notes done. Then the notes from my oldest daughter’s birthday. And Valentine’s Day. And my youngest son’s birthday. Seems … Continue reading Small Success Thursday

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No, not those Waltons. We're going to feature a few Sears Waltons in the Chicago area. The Sears Walton is a Craftsman bungalow. It has six rooms and about 1200 square feet. It's recognized by its wraparound porch, the bump-out in the dining room, and the double windows in the front covered by a shed roof. Sometimes you'll see a Walton with the original railings that have the rectangular pattern. The Walton has three bedrooms and is a very sunny house due to its large windows. Sears Walton…

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