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Explore unique and artistic origami shape ideas to enhance your paper folding skills. Discover step-by-step instructions and inspiration for creating stunning origami shapes.
Kirigami-inspired technique manipulates light at the nanoscale | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology Paper Folding, Kirigami Patterns, 3 D Shapes, Nirmana 3d, Origami Architecture, Paper Architecture, Origami And Kirigami, Origami Paper Art, Paper Cut Art

Nanokirigami is based on the ancient arts of origami (making 3-D shapes by folding paper) and kirigami (which allows cutting as well as folding) but applied to flat materials at the nanoscale. Now, researchers at MIT and in China have applied this approach to the creation of nanodevices to manipulate light, potentially opening new possibilities for light-based communications, detection, or computational devices.

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Origami Crane - Childhood Magic Origami How To Make Step By Step, How To Fold Origami Crane, Crane Origami Tutorial, Cute Origami Easy Step By Step, Crane Oragami, Oragami Birds, Simple Origami For Kids, Oragami Ideas Cute, Origami Animals Easy

If you are looking to get into origami, then you must try this step-by-step tutorial to fold an origami crane (sometimes called tsuru). This is a must-try origami project, as the crane is so elegant and pretty. Origami is an awesome project for kids because it helps with fine motor skills as well as following…

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#origami #corrugation #tessellation Opus T-53 Paper Flower Wall Art, Origami Shapes, Geometric Origami, Geometric Shapes Art, Origami Patterns, Folding Origami, Origami And Kirigami, Origami Paper Art, Modular Origami

Naming opus-style took me some time for establishing (For now I do that only for tessellations/corrugations) but oooh, how much pleasure it brings not to think about the name anymore! Surely, this tessellation is one of the row of similar ones. But at the same time the proportions and the curves are indeed different. And trying to distinguish between these brings a lot of headache. But now... T-53, it haven't been easier! Opus T-53 One sheet of tant paper It may seem the same to you…

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