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Explore a collection of unique and colorful original pastel artwork ideas. Discover how these stunning pieces can add a vibrant touch to your space and inspire your creativity.
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There really is no right or wrong. When it comes to choosing paper color every choice will give you a different result. No one result is the 'correct' choice. However we can make better choices. We can choose the paper color that will better help us express our concept for the painting. It helps if you know what you hope to express with your painting. Ask yourself before you start....what mood do I want? What are the weather conditions? How do I want the viewer to feel? Then choose colors…

Dagmar Nováková
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Green is a pigment in your palette and light in nature. Our pastel sticks are not what we see in nature, they are the tools we use to portray what we see. Many of the pigments used to manufacture green pastels are too chromatically intense (over saturated) and too cool in color temperature. Viridian and phthalocyanine green are examples. When these pigments are left in their native form and merely tinted with white and shaded with black to produce a value range, they appear artificial ...

Revelle Taillon
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32 Here are steps I'm taking in developing a nude painting. It began as a charcoal drawing (bottom photo) which I used as a "pattern" to do my 7 x 5" oil pastel on sand Pastelbord. In step 2, I covered my Pastelbord drawing with a light blue Sennelier oil pastel, then, in step 3, covered most of the blue with ochres and added bits of red. I like the more raw version of step 3 and have to try hard not to overwork it - just add a little here and there and then call it 'finished'. Just about…

Sophia Kelemen