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Transform your outdoor space into a spooky wonderland with these creative DIY ideas for Halloween yard decorations. Get inspired to create a hauntingly fun atmosphere for trick-or-treaters and neighbors.
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If you’re obsessed with Halloween decorations, then the Home Depot 12-foot skeleton must be on top of your list. In this post, I’ve shared some creative ideas to decorate the giant 12-footer for the front yard. These scary DIY outdoor skeleton displays for Halloween will make your yard the coolest in the neighborhood.

Christina Justesen
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If you love Halloween and take this holiday as serious as the Griswalds take Christmas, then make sure you check out this list of must-have yard decorations for new inspiration for your spooky yard.

Tom Cripe
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Are you ready for this year's Halloween party yet? Or are you still frantically searching the costume and thrift stores for your outfit? Like anything, some people are more prepared than others, and we are here to show the best and most dedicated Halloween enthusiasts, with creepy running through their veins. No, dressing up in Halloween themed garbs just doesn't cut it for these people. They need more chills and thrills, and you'll soon see what we mean.

Philippe Stewart
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These DIY Halloween outdoor decoration ideas will make your house entrance the creepiest on the street. Check out these outdoor decorations using cheap dollar store items to give the spooky and scary look. Get inspired by these DIY for making ghosts, skeletons, spider webs and cemetery. Make your front yard scary to welcome trick-or-treaters with these ideas.

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