Learn fascinating facts about oxen and their crucial role in agriculture. Discover how these powerful animals have helped humans for centuries and explore ways to appreciate and honor their contributions.
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Muskox and baby Baby muskox rank up there with the cutest of all little creatures. There were four young ones in this herd of ancient and odd looking animals. Like many wild animals that I’ve spent time with, the younger the accompanying offspring, the more wary they behave – for obvious reasons when one considers…

Cristi Bierman
A man and his oxen. The day would start and end with the plough animals.  Harnessing them in the morning and working with them during the day. Horses, Cow, Dogs, Cattle, Livestock, Work Horses, Cows, Bull, Wildlife

Some things I have learned about working with oxen as with any other living thing is to treat them with some respect. Especially hump-backed cattle which I prefer. Be firm and gentle, but consistent, realizing you could be seriously injured if they chose. Be patient while teaching them what you want them to do, and then insisting every time that they do what you want them to do every time.

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