Pallet House

Explore innovative and eco-friendly Pallet House designs that are both cost-effective and stylish. Discover how you can build your own sustainable home using pallets and unleash your creativity.
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We recently decided we needed more shelter for some of our expanding herd of critters. This little barn built from pallets is working out well. The pallets form the basic structure. Over the pallets I tacked on a layer of cardboard to act as padding for the plastic agricultural film used as the weather proofing finish. I started out by setting six pallets up on edge to form the shape I wanted for each arch. After I had established the angle that each set of pallets met at, I marked out a…

Joey Mclaughlin
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When I was little, my parents built me a playhouse out of old pallets. It wasn't just any playhouse—it was my secret hideout, my castle, and my spaceship all in one. They found the instructions online and spent a weekend putting it together. I still remember watching them work, feeling excited about having my own special place. That playhouse became the center of my childhood adventures. Years later, the memory of how much joy that pallet playhouse brought me made me want to share this joy…

Crystal Joy Johnson

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