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My daughter is a nerd. A very, very smart, quiet, and somewhat clumsy girl. She's always reading a book and she's also a scatterbrain just like her mother. My son is a nerd too but in a different way than his sister. He is also very active and turbulent. He can’t stay still. He’s always jumping and running around, and he talks a lot. Really, he can't stop talking.

Allie Canup
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There are things that change you forever, but neither first love, nor graduation, nor anything else reshapes you as much as bringing up a child. Bored Panda has illustrated the ways everyday life turns upside down after you start raising kids, and the differences will crack you up. Forget catching up on your sleep schedule during the weekend and making a quick trip to the grocery store, if you're a parent, everything becomes different and everything becomes chaos.

Robert Lagerqvist