Peace poems

Explore a collection of powerful peace poems that evoke feelings of harmony and unity. Immerse yourself in the beauty of words and be inspired to spread peace in the world.
L.I.P. (Live In Peace) - a poem by Ms Moem @msmoem - for more poetry, visit Ms Moem's poetry blog Kawaii, Peace Poem, Kindness Poem, Peace Poetry, Peace Poems, Poetry Blog, Rhyming Poems, Nature Poem, Live In Peace

L.I.P. (Live In Peace) We are not soldiers. Peace runs through our hearts. Wars rage on regardless, We need not take part. Life can be a struggle; a perpetual night But the sun won’t rise quicker If we choose to fight. So let’s down our weapons And open our arms Become a safe haven Of … Continue reading "L.I.P (Live In Peace) ~ Poetry"

Ms Moem