Pear dessert recipes

Indulge your sweet tooth with these mouthwatering pear dessert recipes. From pies to tarts, discover the best ways to enjoy this juicy fruit in a delectable dessert.
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Caramel Pear (Upside Down) Cake When I was absent from blogosphere for almost a year, I missed out reading my favourite blogs and chatting with my lovely blog friends. When I came back I found that there were many new food blogs, more than I had on my google reader! Among the lot, I found some really unique and interesting food blogs with beautiful narration and well presented food. One such blog was Look Who’s Cooking Too by gorgeous Nisha. I found her blog by accident but falling in love…

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When pears are in season, you have to cherish them, and fast. Pears seem to only flourish in their prime for a few days once brought home, scolding you if you hesitate to devour them quickly enough. My dad recently purchased an entire flat of Bartlett pears from Costco, and I instantly racked my bra

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Pear pie is a favorite in our home. My husband’s love for pie’s has caused me to make a lot of them in the last ten years. It seems he’s settled on this perfect meld of a maple vanilla pear pie/crisp version that I top with walnuts and homemade maple vanilla whipped cream. This version […]

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