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Throw an unforgettable Percy Jackson party with these epic ideas. From mythical decorations to demigod-inspired games, create an adventure that will transport your guests to Camp Half-Blood.
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It was difficult for Maya to think of what kind of party she wanted this year, since the Harry Potter Party last year was such a success. About two weeks prior, she thought perhaps a Percy Jackson party might be fun. This summer she devoured the Percy Jackson and the Olympian books by Rick Riordan, reading one each day and finishing the series within a week. I wasn't so sure -- I've read the books (and loved them), but didn't quite think that I could adapt the theme into much of a girls only…

Host your own Percy Jackson themed party with these fun Greek themed, book inspired ideas. Percy Jackson, Percy Jackson Party, Percy Jackson Books, Percy Jackson Movie, Percy Jackson Birthday, Percy Jackson Fandom, Percy, Books For Tweens, Jackson

Usually during the Summer we have to beg our kids to read. Refreshingly, the griping has been almost non-existent this year. We started reading the Percy Jackson series together, and the kids have loved it. The books are really well written, and are extremely fast paced so it keeps our young readers attention. Some of our little ones aren't advanced enough to read the books yet so we downloaded the Audible versions for them to listen to while everyone else read it. Honestly, it might be one…

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WELCOME TO CAMP HALF-BLOOD! In honor of my son's 10th birthday we turned our house into Camp Half-Blood from Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief! Just like in the book, we put a bunch of blue food on the table. Blue food was important to Percy's mom because her horrible husband said there was no such thing as blue food, so any time she could, she would bring blue food home. The gift bags were a bag of golden chocolate coins and they were placed next to wonderful snacks, made blue. We also…

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