Photography day

Celebrate Photography Day by capturing beautiful moments with your camera. Discover tips, tricks, and ideas to enhance your photography skills and create stunning images.
Photography ideas we can do. Exploring some places and having fun to look for stuff. Different thins and after you do all 30 days, you look trough and look back to what you did. Bringing back memories of what you did. Photo Tips, Instagram, Photography Tips, Photo A Day, 30 Days Photo Challenge, Life Photo, Photo Challenge, Picture Perfect, Photography Challenge

I have a secret...come in closer...I'm in a HUGE photography rut right now. My 365 has fallen by the wayside and I go days without picking up my camera. Yikes!! Probably not something I should be telling you guys since I write a blog about photography but it's true.

Jennifer Larsen
Reflexo de um guarda-chuva vermelho. Instagram, Photographer, Fotografia, Photography Inspo, Photoshoot Inspiration, Photoshoot, Photo Poses, Girl Photography, Fotografie

Ilko Allexandroff Photography on Facebook ©2013 Ilko Allexandroff | Website | Twitter | Rainy Blossoms Strobist info: Canon 580EXII in a shoot-though Umbrella - camera left Triggered by Pocket Wizard II Plus Let me get one more shot up for today! It's taken in the cherry blossoms season in Japan, and at that time is raining which was making it really cool! I'm using one flash from the left with a shoot through umbrella for a little fill! Cheers! Comments are very appreciated! My PORTFOLIO…