Pink color chart

Discover a wide range of stunning pink shades and find the perfect color for your next project. Browse our pink color chart and get inspired to create something beautiful.
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PMS 1555 PMS 1565 PMS 1575 PMS 1585 PMS 1595 PMS 1605 PMS 1615 PMS 162 PMS 163 PMS 164 PMS 165 PMS 166 PMS 167 PMS 168 PMS 1625 PMS 1635 PMS 1645 PMS 1655 PMS 1665 PMS 1675 PMS 1685 PMS 169 PMS 170 PMS 171 PMS 172 PMS 173 PMS 174 PMS 175 PMS 176 PMS 177 PMS 178 Warm Red PMS 179 PMS 180 PMS 181 PMS 1765 PMS 1775 PMS 1785 PMS 1788 PMS 1795 PMS 1805 PMS 1815 PMS 1767 PMS 1777 PMS 1787 Red 032 PMS 1797 PMS 1807 PMS 1817

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All the Different Shades of Pink Pink is a wonderful color that represents love, kindness and femininity. This list includes all the different shades of pink that we know! From light and hot pink all the way to flamingo, coral or baby pink; there are many stunning variations in between pink colors – each with its own u

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Love pink? Here are 20 of the 33 pinks to help you find the perfect pink for your branding or design project. Click to blog to find tables with pink swatches, color names, hex codes, and RGB values. There it'll be easy to copy and paste the code you need. Perfect for graphic designers and web designers!

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By Senay GOKCEN | Editor-in-Chief Pantone LLC, an X-Rite company and the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries has redesigned the PANTONE Color Finder to make it easier to find the colors you need for your projects and palettes. Color Picker You can select a color using the PANTONE […]

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