Pink mushroom

Add a touch of whimsy to your decor with these captivating pink mushroom ideas. Discover how to incorporate these charming elements into your home for a magical and enchanting atmosphere.
Mycena adonis (Scarlet Bonnet) | by Jim Cornish Plants, Flora, Nature, Pink Mushroom, Mushroom Fungi, Lichen Moss, Wild Mushrooms, Mushroom Pictures, Mushroom Images

Mycena is from an ancient Greek word meaning mushroom. Adonis is a character from Greek mythology. These mushroom are very small. Each cap here is less than a centimetre wide. The grow in wet sphagnum moss (visible here) and with its reddish colour, are a delight to find especially after seeing nothing but LBM (little brown mushrooms) on a shoot. This has got to be one of the prettiest mushrooms in the world!

Irma Adams
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This is a Mycena species. These are some of the thousands of photos taken in the last week of fungi, and lots of those I took are multiples. I take multiples in low-light rainforest because I am sometimes using .6 to .2 of a second and have to hold the camera steady (or try to) so I get some bluring, but I hope to get some good photos out of the great bunch of them. The ones I am posting here are quite colourful. Most of my fungi photos are taken in supermacro mode on my camera and I love…

Tina Ellering
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