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Jim Cokas' Tuolumne Meadows Poetry Festival broadsides ...

This post was written by Jessica Schneider, 2015-2020 Office Director, 2011-2013 Information Center & Bookstore Manager, and 2010 Information Center & Bookstore Assistant. Jim Cokas' Tuolumne Meadows Poetry Festival broadsides can now be found on the Mono Lake Committee online store! If you missed your chance to purchase one of the pieces currently hanging in

Jane Suchan
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I recently came back to this fun way of writing after about 10 years. I loved creating slightly abstract poems in college by way of black out or cut out poetry, but somewhere along the way, it got lost. My wonderful friend Bee reminded me of it in one of her Patreon posts, and one evening after work, I spotted some books for free on somebody's wall. I took one home. I didn't want to read that book, but I did want to cut it up and make something of my own. I spent an evening cutting out any…

Malou Holm