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Unlock your potential as a Pokemon trainer with expert tips and strategies. Catch, train, and battle with the best of them. Start your journey to becoming a Pokemon master today.
Trainer Base Compilation by DanteDT34 on DeviantArt Figure Drawing, Pokémon, Croquis, Character Design, Figure Drawing Reference, Drawing Reference Poses, Anime Poses Reference, Drawing Poses, Art Reference Poses

Description Here is a small compilation of the Pokemon Trainer bases I have used for my characters. Feel free to use them. But give me credit for supplying them and refer back to this original page. Characters: -Clair -Sabrina -Dawn -Red -Misty -Morty -Karen -Brock -Candice -Palmer -Blue (Gary) -Jasmine -Pryce -Noland -Falkner -Lance Pokemon and all related charcters (c) nintendo.

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