Pontoon boat makeover diy

Give your pontoon boat a stunning makeover with these DIY ideas. Learn how to upgrade your boat's appearance and create a unique and personalized watercraft that will turn heads on the water.
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Well, I brought the pontoon boat home with intensions of pressure washing it and fixing a few of the torn cushions, buuuuuuttttt this happened instead!!!! As you can see in the before pics it definitely needed a good wash at least. The carpeting was pretty bad though and very slippery when it got wet. First thing I did was removed the seats. I just had to remove a few screws from each section to unsecure them from the floor. And then I ripped up the carpeting. It came up fairly easy except a…

Shacara Wasilieff
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No ScrewsNo Nuts and BoltsNo GluePatent-Pending DesignOnly available here5-Way SupportsSlides on the railForms a strong domeKeeps your canvas tightGoes over your biminiEasy to install and remove Check out the Fishing Solutions Check out the Watersport Solutions Check out the Beach Anchor Solution Free Shipping in the continental United States Excludes Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska

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A pontoon boat camping can be an exciting, rewarding, and memorable experience for families or solo adventurers. But hitting the water for a sea, river, or lake-based camping trip needs planning and the right equipment. Let’s start with choosing a pontoon boat tent.

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