Preschool human body activities

Explore fun and educational activities to teach preschoolers about the human body. Spark their curiosity and promote learning with hands-on experiences and interactive games.
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How to Make a DIY Pumping Heart Model

Learn how to make a working pumping heart model with kids. This pumping heart model demonstrates how a real heart pumps blood in and out of its chambers!

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25 Human Body for Kids Activity Ideas, Worksheets, & MORE

These human body for kids activities allow children to learn about the heart, muscles, lungs, 5 senses, bones organs, cells, and so much more!

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Digestion Experiment for Kids- DIY Stomach Model - Team Cartwright

Digestion experiment for kids! An easy science experiment from at-home materials about how the stomach breaks down food. Anatomy science for kids.

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21 Fun Human Body Activities and Experiments for Kids

Whether your kid is a preschooler or goes to middle school, he or she will enjoy these human body activities while learning about how the human body works. The anatomy of the human body is

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