Prevent constipation

Learn how to prevent constipation naturally and improve your digestive health. Discover effective remedies and lifestyle changes for a comfortable and healthy bowel movement.
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Everybody poops. Not everybody poops well. Between 5-20% of people suffer from constipation. The bad news is: severe cases of constipation can’t be fixed with food. These cases will need some medical attention first. See your doctor or pharmacist to choose the best product for your situation. Now, the good news! Your food choices can…

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Ever notice how normal it is for moms to talk about their children’s poop? I’ll be honest, when I became a mom I had no idea how often poop could come up as the topic of conversations. I mean, I’m not even phased by it anymore. I’m talking colour, consistency, frequency, the whole nine yards. […]

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I can totally relate to the feeling of being impacted and not being able to use the bathroom. In this post, I will share tips on how to poop faster when constipated to help you find relief. I have suffered from constipation for as long as I can remember, it's probably why I have so many posts about constipation recipes and remedies.

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