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Embrace the rebellious and edgy side of fashion with punk mode. Discover top ideas to incorporate punk elements into your wardrobe and express your unique personality.
Incredible photographs of L.A.‘s punks, mods and rockers from the 1980s | Dangerous Minds Punk Fashion, Punk, Punk Rock, 1980s, Punk Rocker, 80s Punk Fashion, 80s Punk, Punk Goth, 90s Punk

Most journalists, bloggers, writers, and what-have-yous hope to find that one special thing very few people know about and get the opportunity to bring it out to the attention of a wider audience. It’s the one big story most hope to get at some point in their careers. Rarely do stories fall into laps, they have to be earned, written, shaped and created. But then again, sometimes you get lucky. A couple of weeks ago, I was friended-up on social media by a guy called Immanuel Martin. I had no…

Ingo Neumayer
selfie of a young woman with punk mullet haircut New Hair, Punk, Punk Mullet, Punk Pixie Cut, Cortes De Cabello Corto, Edgy Makeup, Short Edgy Hairstyles, Punk Makeup, Haar

You can love it or hate it but #punk #hairstyles are here to stay. Just like punk fashion and music, punk hairstyle has been a prominent trend throughout the last 50 years. I’m sure this style is going to outlive us all! Punks not dead, am I right?Thinking to give yourself a bold change of #hairlook? In this case, here are a few #punkhair ideas that are always trending. #hairideas #alternative #mullet #mohawk #haircuts #hairstyles

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