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Explore the timeless beauty of Pyrex vintage collection and add a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen. Find unique and rare pieces to complete your collection.
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Pyrex is the king of practical kitchenware! Those resilient casserole dishes and percolators have been the mainstays of kitchens the world over. But it might surprise you to know that vintage Pyrex patterns are becoming ... Read more

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How Much are Vintage Pyrex Mixing Bowls Worth? - The Family Pickers Retro, Vintage, Toys, Vintage Pyrex Dishes, Pyrex Mixing Bowls, Corningware Dishes, Vintage Pyrex Bowls, Vintage Pyrex Collection, Pyrex Vintage Rare

If you’re a reseller online, you’ve probably come across vintage Pyrex bowls and wondered if it was worth reselling. We’ve had the same question so we decided to find out. So how much are vintage Pyrex mixing bowls worth? Vintage Pyrex mixing bowls range in value from around $30 to about $150 depending on the color, print, and the number of pieces. The most valuable Pyrex mixing bowls are the nesting bowls that usually come in a set of four and have varying colors and prints. The more unique…

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