Quick halloween crafts

Get into the Halloween spirit with these quick and easy crafts. Create spooky decorations, costumes, and treats for a frightfully fun celebration.
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626K views, 10K likes, 235 comments, 3.2K shares, Facebook Reels from Timm Sevitz: 👻 How to make a DIY miniature flying ghost halloween mobile craft with glue and toilet paper. This is so much fun...

Susan Campbell
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Trick or treat! Halloween is almost upon us, pandas. And if you’re reading for a night full of spectacular spooks and adorable ghosts, kittens and zombies knocking on your door asking for candy, we’ve got the perfect list to fuel your mystical mood!

Teacher’s cut-in-half fancy dress costume baffles students… so how DID she do it? Halloween, Costumes, Halloween Costumes, Creative Halloween Costumes Diy, Halloween Costumes For Work, Diy Halloween Costumes Easy, Teacher Halloween Costumes, Clever Costumes, Diy Funny Halloween Costumes

A SCHOOL teacher has caused a stir thanks to her baffling and creative Halloween costume. Shay Diez, 36, a PE teacher from Texas, surprised her students this year with a creepy “illusion” that look…

Arlynn Ward
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John and I just wrapped up the fastest craft we've ever made, and DANG IT LOOKS COOL: Even better, it tricks your eye as you walk around it. From straight on it looks 2D, but move to the side... A video posted by Jen Yates (@epbot) on Oct 10, 2016 at 8:19pm PDT See? SO COOL. Even better, this cost just $4 in materials, and took maybe 20 minutes to put together. Think you're not crafty? Then start here, peeps, for instant, easy craft gratification. Here's what you need, all of which I found…

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