Quilted wall hangings

Enhance your home decor with beautiful quilted wall hangings. Discover unique designs and patterns to add a cozy and artistic touch to your living space.
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How to hang a quilt on the wall without a sleeve

When it comes to hanging up quilts - they are a wonderful addition to any home and a great place to use them to add interest and color is on your walls- hanging quilts can be a little confusing if it doesn't have a sleeve.

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Top 5 tips to get a quilted wall hanging to hang square and flat - APQS Patchwork, Quilt Wall Hangers, Quilt Room Organization, Quilted Wall Hangings Patterns, Quilt Hangers, Fleece Quilt, Quilt Size Chart, Quilted Sleeves, Quilt Display

Top 5 tips to get a quilted wall hanging to hang square and flat

Have you ever worked really hard on a quilt and decided to hang it on your wall? But, once you get it up there you find that it looks more like a 3D sculpture as it protrudes, ripples and waves at you as it hangs? For a quilt to hang flat and square on a wall there is some preplanning necessary...

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