Rare pennies

Uncover the hidden gems in your coin collection with rare pennies. Explore valuable coins and learn how to identify these treasures in your own pocket change.
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CLAREMORE, OK. – An Oklahoma man is offering $10,000 in exchange for one penny. Richard McPheeters is a coin dealer and collector in Claremore, and he is looking for a rare penny to complete a set. This isn’t your average penny. The particular penny he is searching for is a certified 1982 Small Date Denver […]

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A List Of Rare Pennies You Should Look For... Including The 1943 Penny + How To Find The Value Of Any U.S. Penny | The U.S. Coin Guide Valuable Pennies, Penny Values, Old Coins Worth Money, Old Coins Value, Rare Pennies, Lincoln Memorial, Rare Coin Values, Rare Coins Worth Money, Coins Worth Money

Do you have a 1989-D penny or a 1989-S penny? What about a plain 1989 penny with no mintmark? Some 1989-D copper pennies are worth $3,000! And there are some other 1989 pennies worth more than face value as well. Here's how to tell if you have a valuable 1989 penny or a 1989 penny worth 1 cent -- see what your 1989 penny value is today.

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