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Red head uzumaki Description: Naruto is quiet, oblivious and is constantly reading. He hopes to become a medic and seals master someday even though he doesn't even take care of himself. He is the smartest kid in the academy and has won many boys hearts. Let's see who will win his heart and unravels the secrets naruto holds. "Someone speaking" "Kurama speaking" 'Someone thinking' 'Kurama thinking' --------------------- A/N this book will mention same sex relationships, cross dressing, abuse…

Jaquelin Trinidad
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"ahh I feel empty... but so free " this feeling I am getting now, I almost forgot it. the feeling of getting the burdens off my head which has been with me ever since I can remember. I, sakura haruno will let u be happy together and I will learn to live for myself. naruko I hope u are satisfied with it, I hope u are satisfied with how miserable I was every time I caught u have affair with sasuke where u smile looking at my face . I know u are doing this because of my past actions. but one…

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