Renaissance portraits

Step into the enchanting world of Renaissance portraits and discover the timeless beauty captured in each painting. Explore top ideas to incorporate these exquisite masterpieces into your home decor and embrace the elegance of the past.
"She was not a pretty woman, or a beauty, but rather comely with red-gold hair and hazel eyes ... Katherine's looks, however, were not her chief attraction. People were drawn more to her warm and amiable personality and her intellectual qualities; she exuded goodwill". Katherine Parr as Queen of England | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Henry Viii, Anne Boleyn, Queen Victoria, Lady, Wives Of Henry Viii, Lady Jane Grey, Lady Jane, Jane Gray, Queen Of England

Although this image was also wrongly identified as Lady Jane, it is now considered to be Katherine. The face is very similar to the iconic Scrots portrait and the sitter is wearing the same jewels as the Master John portrait. Formerly in the collection of the Earl of Jersey--the original appears to have been destroyed.

Keri Blair