Rental house decorating

Transform your rental house into a stylish and personalized space with these creative decorating ideas. Make your house feel like a home with easy and affordable DIY projects.
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Just because you are renting a home, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a range of personal touches. Sure, knocking down a wall or gutting the bathroom may be major renter no-nos, but there are plenty of other modifications and enhancements you can make so that your home reflects your personal design style and fits the way you live. Your landlord may be so impressed by your DIY and design skills that they’ll want to keep them that way for the next tenant.

Josslynn Garcia
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Hi, everyone! Being a renter means having to deal with a few restrictions that may leave decorating a bit of a struggle. Whether it's hanging up artwork damage-free to wanting to replace ugly flooring, these projects seem almost impossible to complete. Well, have no fear because I am going to share some fantastic removable products

Lori Allison
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Homeowners aren’t the only folks who deserve to live in spaces they love. I realize that doesn’t sound like a revolutionary statement, but I’ll admit I’ve felt like it wasn’t worth it to invest energy (and money) in a space that I’m just renting. After years of reading Apartment Therapy though, I’ve (thankfully) reformed.

Charlotte Ohlin