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Rediscover the charm of retro packaging with these unique ideas. Create a nostalgic experience for your customers and stand out from the competition with vintage-inspired designs.
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Art director: Morten N SørensenProject Type: Produced, Commercial WorkClient: Thisted BreweryLocation: DenmarkPackaging Contents: SodaPackaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottlePrinting Process: …

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Rebranding, Illustration A fresh take on the classic Kellogg's Variety Pack, my goal was to capture the essence of each cereal by using bold and simple graphic forms that stand out amongst the busy labels we often see on supermarket shelves. The design was also made with the environment in mind, using less ink than a typical cereal box, and printed on 100% recycled cardboard. Art Direction | Jason Kernevich

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From retro flowers to wavy lines and bold colors to stamps and batches, the popularity of vintage-inspired branding and packaging are signs of our growing need for connection, story-telling, and personal memories – even if it’s from the past. It feels familiar, homely, and easily approachable, everything that the constantly evolving technologies and digitalization are not. And to balance out the growing use of AI tech and futurism, we need something familiar and nostalgic to connect to…

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Wonderkind Co’s packaging design for The Morning Juice Co is a refreshing departure from the ordinary OJ offerings. With its cheerful illustrations and lively typography, the packaging exudes a captivating sense of nostalgia. The incorporation of vibrant yellows and oranges in the photography celebrates the essence of sunshine and orange juice and infuses the packaging […]

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